Sunday, March 18, 2007


Today I raided the pantry at P's house. I had to try some vegemite.
It was... different. His whole family loves it and they promise me you get used to the flavour, but they laughed when I spread it like penut butter. They said it should be very thin.

Collingwood V's Richmond

P's Mum loves Collingwood. They are also colled the Magpies and their colors are Black and White.
His Dad loves Richmond, they are the Tigers and they play in Black and Yellow.
I would not decide who to go for, but Richmond ended up winning.

I liked the game, it has very different rules but some of the players from this competition now play in the States. One player, Sav Rocca used to play for Collingwood, now he Plays for The Eagles.

It was a very hot day at the footy as it is summer here in Australia. Mildura is in the middle of a drought so they are all hoping for rain soom. Some days it is over 43 degrees celcius.

Here is a photo of P's little sister A at the footy.

It was a great day.

- Flat Tyler

Off to the Footy

Now I am staying with my good friend P and his baby sister A.
They took me to the footy. Teams were visiting from the national compettion, and P's Mum's team was playing P's Dads team.
Australian Rules Football is very popular here and quite different to football in the United States.
Here I am on the 50 meter line.

- Flat Tyler


Tonight we had Piuzza for Chrismas. I have a photo of H, his sister C and their Dad that I will post very soon.
We were eating Pizza and relaxing as H's Dad is building a new house and was tired. H's Mum was tired too from looking after all of us :)
- Flat Tyler


We made a quick trip to Bendigo, nearly five hours drive from Mildura, to see H's cousins. We sent swimming in their house and I have a picture I will post soon.
Better get back to the pool.
- Flat Tyler


I went to my friend H's school today. He ios seven and in Grade 1. They call it primary school here. I will ass a picture very soon of me in his class room.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

More Tasmanian Adventures

I'm almost done in Tassie. Heading back to Mildura in Victoria to sepnd Christams with another Friend H, and his family.
Today we went fishing and I liked looking the sea birds...the photo is a bird called an Albatross. While fishing we also caught a baby shark.
We also went for a big walk to see the light house. It was a very windy day this day so I had to stay in the bag or I might have blown away...a guess this is one of the problem you have when you are flat!!!!!

This is a pic of my good friend J, L and W who took me to Tasmania. I had a great time there, now it's time to visit my friend H in Mildura.
- Flat Tyler